Rabbit Cage in HALO
パソコン版 HALO 第一作 Combat Evolved のサーバ運営所
HALO (Combat Evolved for PC) server site by 20thcRabbit(Japanese)

RatServer Realtime Information

HALO Demo Server (automatic host game) provided by 20thcRabbit
See http://ratcage.dip.jp for detail information about these HALO server.

Current List of Rat Server (realtime screen shot of PC in Rat Server LAN)

This screen shot is uploaded every 15sec.
(Please reload this page to show latest screen shot)

You can login these server with DIRECT IP mode (not INTERNET LOBBY).
Server Address is ' rabbitcage.dip.jp:64055 ' (ex.).
(64055 is PortNo., different for each server such as below)
No password are needed.




(RatBall64055Individual Oddball)
RatCage64053Individual Slayer
(RatDuel64039Team Slayer)
RatEdge64050Covenant weapon King of the Hill
RatFlag64042Hog only CTF
RatHill64041Team King of the Hill
RatKing64052Individual King of the Hill
RatLock64051Rocket Slayer
RatOdds64040Team Oddball
(RatQuay64054Individual Rally)
(RatRace64049Individual Race)
RatShot64044Sniper Assult
RatVale64047All vehicle CTF
(RatXage64043Heavy weapon CTF)
RatZone64046No vehicle CTF

If you have any question or connecting trouble to these server,
please access to Rabbit Cage Notice Board.